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Old school roleplay musings

Chaotically Helpful Harriet

Harriet lives in Village City. She wears patchwork leather armor over a flour sack dress.

Spoilers follow. If you play with me, don’t read the rest.

Harriet really likes to help people. She’ll investigate to find someone who needs her help to accomplish their goal. She doesn’t care in the slightest what the help is or who she helps or what their motivations are, so long as they’re willing to explain their motivations to her.

She has no moral compass whatsoever. She just likes to help. She will find someone to help immediately, if possible. She’s impatient to get it done as quickly as possible and will use whatever means necessary to speed things up, no matter how evil or risky to even her own life. As soon as she’s completed a helpful task, she’ll immediately focus on acquiring the next job.

She won’t ever work for the same person twice. She’s fond of acting as if she has a grudge for anyone she worked for in the past, but it’s really just a fun thing to pretend. Acting as if she’s upset makes her giggle.

No matter how important what she’s doing might seem, she’ll stop everything for bedtime (8:00 pm) and for lunch (noon.)