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Optional and Forced Retirement

Optional Retirement

At Level 5 a PC can choose to retire from the vagrant adventuring lifestyle at any time. They might buy some land to farm, set up a shop, teach at a college, beg for bread start a ferrying business, among endless other possibilities. The player will describe how their character spends their money and what their plans for the future are. Then their fate will be in the hands of the referee and circumstance.

Forced Retirement

If a player character has ever rolled on the death and dismemberment table, they must, at every level (starting at 5) roll to determine if the character must retire at the next favorable opportunity. Any roll of 10 or less on a d100 causes the character to seek retirement.

If a character seeks retirement, check against the player’s Save every time an attractive possibility for retirement is in reach. For a character with little coin and a 30% chance or greater of forced retirement, a good corner to beg at is attractive. A failure causes retirement to occur.

Every roll on the death and dismemberment table increases the chances of forced retirement by 2.

An epic quest of great importance that is tied to an individual character decreases chances of retirement by 4 or removes the possibility altogether, as the referee decides.

At Level 10, a PC must retire at the first opportunity without need for a roll.