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Traveler's Pond


Characters who start in Village City have been exiled because the government has officially deemed them a nuisance. The player characters must not return to the Village without sufficient sp to buy their way out of exile. Before leaving, they may visit the Travelers Pond.

The player character may throw half of their Starting SP into the pond or drip some blood (-1 HP) into the pond to summon the Traveler’s Pond Spirit who instantly gives the player the luck blessing. (Luck Points.)

Roll to determine the spirit and roll again to determine a detail about its personality.

d6 Spirit d6 Personality Detail
1 Tadpole 1 Ancient & grumpy
2 Crawdad 2 Toddler-esque
3 Snail 3 Tells false rumors
4 Green scum 4 Believes world is friendly
5 Lily pad 5 Tries to take back deal
6 Water hyacinth 6 Gives farming tips for ponds