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Village Government

Government Locations

Village Hall

The village council, the court, and Mayor Clare’s trashy apartment are all within the Village Hall’s main building.

Spoilers follow. If you play with me, don’t read the rest.

Village Council

Council members are elected to their office. There are two members. Tom is fat and loud. Jim is thin and shy. They agree about everything that might require a vote, but disagree with open hostility about everything else.

The two council members share a political viewpoint that is opposite to the sheriff’s beliefs. (Flip a coin after choosing two opposing political perspectives. Example: the sheriff is conservative and the council members are liberal.)

Village Court

Only council members are eligible to be judges. They’re the only ones qualified to interpret the law, since they are the ones who know how to make laws.

Many of the cases they face are not crimes and are based on charges the sheriff made up. Additionally, the defendant is often accused of doing something that the judges support.

The council usually follows the law, but they sometimes make new laws when they can’t find any in the book that fit the situation.

Mayor Clare’s apartment

It’s messy and small. There is a small, translucent window. Looking through it is like looking through wax paper.

Mayor Clare is usually here, sitting on her bed (because she has no other furniture), rocking back and forth, looking embarrassed and anxious for anyone who is visiting to leave.

Notable NPCs

Sheriff Dixon

Sheriff Dixon has no understanding of the law and thinks his job is to stop other people from doing anything bad. He prioritizes whatever seems most important and has a quota of deeds to do, but will always act against any badness at all.

He thinks lying is admirable if the lying is done for a good cause. He’s an extremist with a political viewpoint opposite to that of the city council. (Flip a coin after choosing two opposing political perspectives. Example: the sheriff is conservative and the council members are liberal. Example: the sheriff is a tyrannist and the council members are democratists.)

Mayor Clare

No one cares about her or her job. She is pathetic and knows she is pathetic, but she depends on her weekly payment. It’s like welfare because she doesn’t do anything. She is desperate for change. She disagrees with the Village Council about most things and disagrees with Sheriff Dixon about most things. She has a third point of view that doesn’t align with either of the other political stances.